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We have switched hosts!

DarkRP IP192.223.31.180:27016

MilitaryRP IP192.223.31.180:27015


Yes we know it looks the same but the port is different!

Any comments and questions post in the discussion section!

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Staff Starter Guide

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Administration Rules


1. Common sense. Use your brain before doing things you might regret.

2. What a Super-Admin+ says is what they say and you must deal with it. They have the final say.

3. Punishments depending on what they did. Verbal Warn,Jail,Kick,Ban. If they are mass RDMING then simply just jail them and issue a 5 day ban. If you are a t-mod or moderator ask an admin to ban the steamid (if there is no admin+ online then ask a mod to ban for 2 days and put (please update) at the end).

4. Do not kick for unreasonable reasons. ex: if someone crossfires 2 people then simply jail them for 4 minutes if it was a honest mistake.

5. Do NOT noclip while RPING (Unless dealing with a current sit). Will be warned, then demoted (GO ON DUTY!)

6. If you have god mode while in RP it is a instant demote.

7. Be sure you read all of the rules and you understand them.

8. Be a role model and act MATURE.

9. Never materialize yourself or others.

10. Never use powers(Unless taking sits), while rping = Instant Demote

11. Always be patient during admin sits. We know people can drive you crazy but a good staff member would stay calm. (Do not call players any rude or disrespectful words no matter what they say!)

12. Always try to have a "Good Image" with the players! You want to be known on the server as a good staff member.

13. Asking for a promotion will only lower your chances of getting what you want/deserve.

14. Do not kick or ban yourself, this will result in a punishment.

15. If you are Mod you can only ban for a max of 2 days

Just a suggestion here if you are active on the forums, discord, etc it will increase your chances of a promotion

Admins are always looking for active and trustworthy staff members.


                             Punishment Times


 *If you are jailing for an attempted rule break do half of the jail sentence (RDMx1 is 4 mins so ARDMx1 is 32mins)

1. RDMx1 = 4 min jail || RDMx2 = Kick (Unless it was an honest mistake, then jail for another 4 min) || RDMx3 = MRDM 5 day ban (If you are T-Mod then jail them and have someone ban them, if you are Mod then ban for 2 days and ask an admin+ to update it)

2. NitRP 2st offense = 6 hour ban || NitRP 3nd offense = 2 day ban || NitRP 4rd offense = 5 day ban || NitRP 5th offense = Perm ban 

3. RDAx1 = 2 mins || RDAx2 = 4 mins || RDAx3 = Kick || RDAx4 = 6 hour ban

4. NLR 1st offense = 1 min jail || NLR 2nd offense = 2  min jail || NLR 3rd offense =  6 Min jail

5. Fail RP 1st offense = 4 min jail || Fail RP 2nd offense = 8 min jail || Fail RP 3rd offense = 6 hour ban 

6. Mic Spam or racism 1st offense = Warning to stop || Mic Spam or racism 2nd offense = 3 min gag || Mic spam or racism 3rd offense = 5 min gag || Mic spam or racism 4th offense = Kick || Mic spam or racism 5th offense = 6 hour ban

7. Racism in chat 1st offense = Warning || Racism in chat 2nd offense = 3 min mute || Racism in chat 3rd offense = 5 min mute || Racism in chat 4th offense = 6 hour ban || Racism in chat 5th offense = 2 day ban

8. Minge 1st offense = Warning || Minge 2nd offense = 6 hour ban || Minge 3rd offense = 2 day ban || Minge 4th offense = 5 day ban || Minge 5th offense = Perma ban

9. Anything else = Warning // 4 Min Jail // 8 Min Jail // Kick // 6 hour ban

10. Prop Spamming 1st offense = Kick || Prop Spamming 2nd offense = 6 hour ban || Prop Spamming 3rd offense = Perma Ban

11. Leaving To Avoid Punishment = 2 Day Ban

12. Hacking- Permanent Ban

13. Exploiting- Permanent Ban

15. Scamming - Permanent Ban

Useful Staff Commands


!hp [player] 100

Sets your hp. DO NOT put this above 100 and only use it when you are on duty.


!gag [player] [time]

Makes the player unable to speak, to ungag do !gag again make sure to specify a time.


!mute [player] [time]

Makes the player unable to type in chat, to unmute do !mute again make sure to specify a time.


!bring [player]

Brings the player to you.


!goto [player]

Teleports you to the player.



!spectate [player]

Spectates the player, do !unspectate to stop spectating.


!freeze [player]

Freezes the player, to unfreeze do !freeze again


!strip [player]

Removes all weapons including physgun, toolgun, ect from the player.



Gets the players play time.


!perma [player] [reason]

Perma bans the player. {ONLY ADMINS+ CAN DO THIS}


!return [player]

Returns the player to their original position.


!ban [player] [number] [second|minute|hour|day|week] [reason]

Bans the player [Moderators may only ban for 2 days minimum!]


!kick [player] [reason]

Kicks the player.


On behalf of the entire Administration Team of Octane Servers I congratulate you on making it to the staff team now have fun and follow the rules and you'll be promoted in no time at all! Have fun!

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