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We have switched hosts!

DarkRP IP192.223.31.180:27016

MilitaryRP IP192.223.31.180:27015


Yes we know it looks the same but the port is different!

Any comments and questions post in the discussion section!

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Rank Structure

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  • Deals with major issues

  • Not supposed to deal with small issues like ban appeals, staff applications, etc.

  • Deals with management of the community / servers

  • Puts in new content in servers

  • Does updates (Web & Ingame)

  • Do not message Owners unless you MUST and are out of options.



Community Managers:


  • Deals with issues before they hit Fissetty

  • Manages all staff below themselves

  • Deals with daily conflicts

  • Deals with staff conflict / drama

  • Do not message unless super-admins are unavailable 

  • Manages missing ranks in-game, on TeamSpeak, or the Forums

  • Handles general operations of community to provide stability 

  • Manages promotions up to Senior Administrator

  • Manages Staff Applications

  • Manages servers like PrisonRP

  • Deals with TeamSpeak and forums



Staff Manager

  • Manages staff applications

  • Manages staff promotions up to Admin

  • Manages staff complaints, ban appeals, situations regarding staff

  • Manages missing ranks in-game, or on Discord

  • Supervises Senior Administrators and ranks below them to make sure they are doing their jobs correctly.



 Head Administrator

  • Manages all staff below them.

  • Deals with problems and brings them up to Staff Manager or above.

  • Accepts ban appeals

  • Accepts staff reports and can demote.

  • Responsible for training staff if no one else is available.

  • Report any staff incidents to supers or above




  • Watches over newly made Administrators, and ranks below to make sure they are doing their job.

  • Update bans for moderators 5 days if needed.

  • Set an example for players that want to be future staff.

  • Deal with complicated sits that moderators need help with.

  • Maintain the server 

  • Creates tutorials on the forum section for moderators and players.

  • Can Permanently ban




  • Main people who attend to reports

  • Watch over trial moderators and regular players.

  • Help trial moderators with any questions they might have

  • Can ban up to 2 Days ONLY




Trial Moderators

  • Responds to a large portion of calls and mostly dedicates themselves to only staff activities

  • Listens to higher up staff

  • Be active on Disccord, forums, and of course INGAME! The more you are noticed, higher chance of promotion.

  • Asks for help and sometimes observe others so you can see how to improve.

  • Cannot BAN

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