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We have switched hosts!

DarkRP IP192.223.31.180:27016

MilitaryRP IP192.223.31.180:27015


Yes we know it looks the same but the port is different!

Any comments and questions post in the discussion section!

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New Server Opening

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--- News ---

We are currently working on a MilitaryRP Server which is near completion!

Come check it out @

Please make sure you read the rules listed @ http://octaneservers.com/index.php?/topic/28-military-rp-rules/&tab=comments#comment-52


You may only be a staff on one of our servers

If you would like to transfer your rank over or apply  for militaryrp please talk to one of the higher ups @jerry @fissetty @meaty


--- Things to expect ---

  • Rules to be changed
  • Staff Rules to be updated
  • More addons to be added
  • Stricter rules going to be put into place
  • Staff meetings being scheduled.



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