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Dark RP Rules

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  • Be respectful to all players.
  • Any threats or intent to harm other players in the community will result in a harsh punishment.
  • In the game, money cannot be sold or traded for real life items or money.
  • Avoiding punishments by any means is forbidden.
  • Staff members must follow rules and if you see abuse you have full rights to report it on the forums.
  • Anyone caught baiting or encouraging others to violate rules will have an equal or greater punishment to the rule violation.
  • Use common sense!

*RDM Stands for Random Death Match*

  • Players directly harming your life, or you feel threatened you have the ability to kill them. 
  • Raids can be completed by adverting something along the lines of "You are being Raided".
  • Hits must be adverted accepted before you start your hunt for your next victim.
  • If you wish to mug or any other actions along those lines you must give that person at least 10 seconds with a very clear warning in chat this doesn't have to be adverted.
    • Example: Drop 1k or die you have 10 seconds. | Leave or die you have 10 seconds.
  • If a target of which you are warning seems to become hostile like pulling out a weapon (and not the other way around) or if they try to escape you have the right to protect yourself from being caught by police to kill the person  
    • Examples of Inducing Actions: Stun-sticking, Gun, Knives and etc.

    Prop Rules

    • Prop spamming, blocking, climbing, and surfing is not allowed.
    • Do not spawn props/move props inside of other players’ bases, do not do it during raids etc.
    • Building abnormally large bases or other RP-restricting structures (something that would restrict other players) will result in them being removed ad you being punished 
    • You may have a max of two one-way props.

    Basing and Building

    • You may have a building sign (using text-screen) to protect yourself from the RP world but u cannot have raidables ex. Printers and it must be removed when you are finished.
    • A keypad to a fading door must be clearly identifiable.
    • Bases cannot force players to jump, crouch at any location inside their base.
    • The maximum amount of fading doors per base is three.
    • Fading bridges and sky-constructions are not allowed.
    • Base entrances, as well as the overall inner layout, must be absolutely clear and concise. (i.e mazes, puzzles, or black boxes etc.)
    • You may not build anywhere that might prevent other players from Rping.
      • Examples: Roads, Parking lots and etc.
    • You may have up to three one way props to a base so use them wisely.


    • Your character may not use information beyond its knowledge and beyond its current life. This includes any form of revenge killing after death or demoting someone because of your last life.

      Raiding, Hostage, CarJacking, Kidnapping  and Mugging


      • Maximum $5,000
      • You must wait 5 minutes for each mug.
      • Must grant victims 10 seconds to oblige unless they are escaping or showing threatening actions.
        • If they show signs of hostility (taking out a weapon) is KOS, but this does NOT include if the player already has a weapon out. 
        • If they show VERY CLEAR signs or attempts of escaping the victim can be killed or KOS
        • If the player is inside a car of any kind they have the choice to run or get out because u are in a car.


      • Once you’ve completed your raid, you must leave immediately. You cannot occupy the base.
      • Leaving the raid zone at any point during the raid will mark your raid as over and your cooldown will start. (Cool-Down is 10 minutes)
        • If you are raiding the same player/base you must wait 15minutes.
        • If you raid a base, mug or organization you must wait for the cooldown this applies to everyone involved in the action
      • If it is obvious that there are no raidables ( printers etc.) in a base, you may not raid.
      • You may not raid people who have building signs up.
      • You die during a raid you cannot return to the base until its over.
      • You must advert raid before performing an action keypad cracking, lockpicking, etc.
      • You cannot raid hobo's structures.
      • During raids, you cannot use your bind for fading door but any other situation you may use them.


      • For the classes that can kidnap you may only kidnap every 10 minutes.
      • That kidnapped person may be sold but not any more than 30k unless that person is high up in ranking President etc
      • The person may only be held kidnapped for 15 minutes at max if u wish to kill them or let them go after that time is up to you.

      Bank Raiding

      • The bank may be raided every 15 minutes and if u are in a party/gang the raid timer will count for them too.

      Party Rules

      • You may KOS anyone who is mugging or raiding a party member 
      • You can also KOS anyone who shoots a member of your party.
      • When assisting your party in raids/mugs you must advert something along the lines with assist.

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