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We have switched hosts!

DarkRP IP192.223.31.180:27016

MilitaryRP IP192.223.31.180:27015


Yes we know it looks the same but the port is different!

Any comments and questions post in the discussion section!


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  1. Jerry

    Astronuts Application.

    Accepted, forgot to say
  2. Jerry

    BlueBird's Staff Application.

    Denied, Sorry I feel like your not quite at the maturity level required to be a staff. No hate, apply again in a week. Try to be more mature
  3. Jerry

    Meta/MacTavish's Staff App

    Accepted, your one of the most active people on server and Id love to have you on the staff team!
  4. Jerry

    Shystudios's staff app

    -1 I know you well but you begged for me to look at your app alot. Please just be more patient in the future.
  5. Jerry

    Astronuts Application.

    +1 Great guy ingame. Id like to see some more replies before i accept.
  6. Jerry

    MY APP

    App has been put on pending, Meaning we are thinking of a decision
  7. Jerry

    My Mod Application

    -1 Poor Grammar looks as if you didn't spend much time on it. I have met you in game you seem quite immature to say the least. I'm sorry but i don't think that staff is quite for you
  8. Jerry

    Google Chrome's Moderator Application

    -1 Seems you didn't put much effort into it. You also lacked some maturity while making this application. For future reference please be more mature when making an app.
  9. Jerry

    B.L.P Staff Report

    Report has been taken into account. You can clearly see he was nocliping off duty. He will be talked to and possibly receive a strike.
  10. Jerry

    B.L.P Staff Report #2

    Not enough proof to do anything. Sorry