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We have switched hosts!

DarkRP IP192.223.31.180:27016

MilitaryRP IP192.223.31.180:27015


Yes we know it looks the same but the port is different!

Any comments and questions post in the discussion section!


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  1. BLP

    B.L.P Staff Report #2

    yo how many reports can you make on in a day lol. no joke you remind me of this kid from recess <---dotey
  2. BLP

    B.L.P Staff Report

    this is what happened. It was just the staff on the sever and pixel was flying around (sorry pixel for throwing you under the bus). dotey and I told him not too do it and as an example I told him you dont see me flying around everywhere like so you got pictures of me on my good side. you should be a photographer or a buzzfeed journalist because you lie and take shit out of context. #doteyforbuzzfeed #doteyisouttoogetme
  3. BLP

    BLP's staff ap

    thanks bud that helps alot
  4. BLP

    BLP's staff ap

    what FUCKING FORMAT. also if you have anything question about me just ask me
  5. BLP

    BLP's staff ap

    OKay, this one goes out to you fissetty. Name: Brandon L age:18 steam IP: STEAM_0:0:50319594 have you ever been staff on another sever?: yes I have but it has been awhile so I will need help from other staff. self summery: I am a 18 year old Spanish man who lives in NYC. In a year from now i will be joining the marine core. I love Gmod and darkp and I have almost 4000 hours on the game. I have been playing darkrp since gmod12. Yeah im a oldy. I also speak spanish. I like the dark rp sever alot and i want to help make it better for the players and the staff there. I hope you give me a chance too prove my worth too all of you. thank all of you for reading