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We have switched hosts!

DarkRP IP192.223.31.180:27016

MilitaryRP IP192.223.31.180:27015


Yes we know it looks the same but the port is different!

Any comments and questions post in the discussion section!


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    Staff App (Military RP)

  2. Fissetty

    BlueBird's Staff Application.

    He was owner then was demoted and banned for abuse
  3. Fissetty

    BlueBird's Staff Application.

    Hes not an owner
  4. Fissetty

    Astronuts Application.

    No problem take as much time as you need bud.
  5. Fissetty

    My Mod Application

    DENIED Minges alot in game and breaks rules often!
  6. Fissetty

    Google Chrome's Moderator Application

    DENIED Hasnt been on since application
  7. Fissetty

    LOA Format

    Please make sure to put your Steam Username in the title. It makes it easier for us to find your post. RP Name: Steam ID: Start Date: End Date: Reason for inactivity:
  8. Best way to contact me would be through gmail @ octaneserversoffical@gmail.com

  9. Fissetty

    Meta/MacTavish's Staff App

    +1 I absolutely love this positive attitude it is just what we need, along with your experience :)
  10. Fissetty

    Astronuts Application.

    +1 Your active, Mature, and also very fun to RP With.
  11. Fissetty

    Very racist staff member.

    I already talked to him about it, That situation is done with.
  12. Fissetty

    New Server Opening

    --- News --- We are currently working on a MilitaryRP Server which is near completion! Come check it out @ Please make sure you read the rules listed @ http://octaneservers.com/index.php?/topic/28-military-rp-rules/&tab=comments#comment-52 --- ATTENTION TO STAFF --- You may only be a staff on one of our servers If you would like to transfer your rank over or apply for militaryrp please talk to one of the higher ups @jerry @fissetty @meaty --- Things to expect --- Rules to be changed Staff Rules to be updated More addons to be added Stricter rules going to be put into place Staff meetings being scheduled.
  13. Fissetty

    Report Format

  14. Fissetty

    Staff Handbook

    Octane Servers Staff Handbook Read this thoroughly if you're a staff member or you will be punished if you misuse your powers. BASIC STAFF GUIDELINES: FOLLOW THEM OR FACE THE CONSEQUENCES! THIS WILL BE UPDATED WITHOUT NOTICE You may not use commands off duty. First offense will be a warn, then a strike, then a demote. You may not argue, cause conflict, or fight with other staff.First offense will be a warn, strike, then a demote. You may not roast, flame, or make fun of players on the server.First offense will be a warn, strike, then a demote. You may not say racial slurs such as "Nice People", "nigga" is okay.First offense will be a warn, strike, then a demote. You may not provoke players in any way unless you are RPing.First offense will be a warn, strike, then a demote. You may not abuse your powers.First offense will be a warn, strike, then a demote. You may not be hostile towards players. First offense will be a warn, strike, then a demote. Commands allowed off duty will be updated with no announcement. Admins and higher are able to use any commands off duty and don't have to go on duty unless they want to. Commands allowed off duty: !jail / !jailtp !warn !kick !ban !banid !freeze !unban The Punishment Guide will be updated regularly. FOLLOW THE PUNISHMENT GUIDE FOR ANY PLAYER // IF YOU WOULD LIKE SOMETHING ADDED OR CHANGED // PM WaterIsWet Punishment Guide: (SUBJECT TO CHANGE AT ALL TIMES WITHOUT NOTICE) RDM - Killing people for no reason. RDM x1 - Warn RDM x2 - Warn / 2-minute jail RDM x3 - 1-day ban Mass RDM is considered RDMx4 and above Mass RDM - 7-day / 1-week ban LTAP wait 5 minutes to see if they join back. LTAP - 1-day ban RDA is arresting people for no reason whatsoever. RDA x1 - Warn RDA x2 - Warn / 2-minute jail RDA x3 and above - 1-week ban Baton Rushing is running toward the criminal and trying to arrest him instead of shooting back. Baton Rushing x1 - Warn Baton Rushing x2 - Warn / 2-minute jail Baton Rushing x3 and above - 1 day ban FailRP / Metagaming is when you use knowledge outside of your player to gain an unfair advantage over others. (Using your microphone to see how close people are) FailRP / Metagaming x1 - Warn FailRP / Metagaming x2 - 1-day ban Spamming (Microphone / Chat / SWEP) Spamming x1 - Warn Spamming x2 - Warn / 2-minute jail Spamming x3 - 3-day ban Prop Minging (Quaking/Climbing/Pushing/Blocking/ETC) Prop Minging x1 - Warn Prop Minging x2 - 3-day ban Prop Minging x3 and above - 7-day ban FDA / Shooting Through One-Ways FDA / Shooting Through One-Ways x1 - Warn FDA / Shooting Through One-Ways x2 - 3-minute jail FDA / Shooting Through One-Ways x3 and above - 1-day ban Advertising (Self-Explanatory) Advertising - Permanent Ban DDOS / DOS Threats DDOS / DOS Threats - Permanent Ban Hacking / Exploiting Hacking / Exploiting x1 - 30-day ban Hacking / Exploiting x2 - Permanent Ban Using 3rd Party Programs is when you use something off the Internet to give you a boost over other players. (AHK - AutoHotkey and ETC) Using 3rd Party Programs x1 - 30-day ban Using 3rd Party Programs x2 - Permanent Ban Staff Abuse is when you abuse your powers as a staff member. Staff Abuse x1 - Strike and ban for the punishment. Staff Abuse x2 - Strike and ban for the punishment. Staff Abuse x3 - Strike and revoking their rank / ban for the punishment.
  15. Fissetty

    Staff Application Format

    USE THIS APPLICATION FORMAT OR YOUR APPLICATION WILL BE DENIED - Must be active on the server and discord - Your application must be quality work, it cannot be some shitty paragraph, it must be detailed. - If you ask anyone to look at your application or if you mention anything about your application it will be denied. - Staff Applications will be reviewed every weekend. - You cannot have more than one ban on the server. - You need a microphone. STEAM Name: STEAMID: Server Applying for?: Rank: Time zone: Age (MUST BE 14 AND UP): If you are younger than that, please tell us how you are mature enough: In-game name: Time on the server (1-day requirement): Do you have any warns? (How many): If so, why?: Do you have any bans? (How many): If so, why?: Do you have any previous staff experience?: If so, explain?: Do you have a clear, working microphone?: Why do you want to be staff on Octane Servers?: How are you better than other applicants?: Who is the owner of Octane Servers?: What is NLR, RDA, RDM, LTAP, and a minge?: How often can you be on a day?: Name 5 ULX commands from chat and console, do it like the example; EX: (!freeze [name] / ulx freeze [name]): If there was no one on the server, would you stay to help populate it, or would you leave?: Do you agree to not abuse your power in any way?: Do you agree to not use your powers off duty?: Anything else you would like to add?:
  16. Fissetty

    BLP's staff ap

    bro use the FORMAT
  17. Fissetty

    Military RP Rules

    Main Server Rules 1. Do not disrespect anyone. (OOC or in character) 2. No spam/full cap messages 3. Do not ban evade 4. Do not cheat/script/hack otherwise you will be banned. 5. No racism or racial slurs. 6. Do not minge. 7. Don't be toxic or you will be banned. 8. Don't Fail RP (B-Hop included). 9. Civil Wars are not allowed. 10. Don't Headglitch. 11. No helicopter ramming (Unless someone shoots at you during peace time). ALSO shooting at grounded helicopters is not allowed and will be punishable harshly 12. Listen to staff at all times (results in ban). 13. Wait 6 seconds after spawning to shoot someone. (Spawn protection). 14. Do not grenade spam you must wait 10 seconds between each grenade. (With a 40mm launcher or a frag). 15. During wars you can cap regularly 10% every 30 seconds and 10% every minute for Perma Capping. 16. Do not mic spam unless everyone around consents. 17. Taliban is never allowed to ally with Russia. 18. FearRP is a rule. If you do not have a gun out but someone else does and they tell you to follow them you have to do it and if theres an advert for kidnap you must follow. If you have a gun out but there is a 2:1 ratio of player to yourself and your squad you must follow their orders even if you are armed beecause of FearRP. 19. SGT+ | OR5+ | BII+ MUST TRAIN NEW RECRUITS! 20. If you shoot a RPG (Not including the matador) at a helicopter you will be banned for two days until it is fixed. 21. RPGs should not be used in close quarters. Only for anti personel when not inside. 22. Sitting on things such as the DB or a ledge can be allowed but you shouldn't sit on peoples heads, fences, debrief walls. 23. If you abuse the sit script (E.g. sitting on a wall do you can't be killed) you will be warned. 24. DDOS, or other threats against the server will result in a perma-ban. 25. Do not impersonate other users. 26. Abusing a loophole in these rules will result in severe punishment 27. Manager + Decisions are final. 28. Do not use /advert for Non-Roleplay reasons 29. To accept hits you must be on a hitman job or a hitman related CC, these are the only jobs that can accept hits. 30. Tali cannot do terror without explosives USE COMMON SENSE ----- ROLEPLAY RULES ---- Spawn camping is ALLOWED - If you can't exit your base just surrender from the war. Force wars can only happen if 5 or more people raid your base at the same time. Force Wars can happen if you take a hostage of that faction. THE HIGHEST UP IN THE COUNTRY MAY CALL WARS WHEN PLEASED. EXAMPLE: /ADVERT WAR U.S A/D In order to be a General or an Officer you must actively use your mic Mercenarys MUST be paid for hits or to be hired. At the minimum 500$ for a hit and 10k to hire them. If someone pays for a hostage you have taken and has followed your demands you can NOT kill them just to keep the hostage or to mess around. Bhopping is defined as jumping more than once on your way to a destination, jumping to try to get somewhere faster, jumping to avoid being shot at and etc. (E.G. Jumping around to avoid being shot at; Jumping around for movement benefits; Legitimate BHopping to gain movement speed.) Allies and Wars You can ally during war How to ally: /advert Ally SAS? A/D How to start a war /advert WAR SAS A/D How to raid someone /advert RAID SAS Do not do Solo Raids they are NOT allowed CPT+ or the highest OFFICER online can call raids You cannot raid while they are in DB or Training you must wait until after You have to ask the status before you terror or raid COOLDOWNS: 10 Minutes between each raid -- 15 minutes between each raid on the SAME BASE 10 Minutes between each counter raid 10 Minutes between each kidnap (ie: US can only kidnap every 10 minutes not just a single player) WARS CAN BE CALL WHENEVER 10 Minutes between each single terror. So if one Taliban calls a terror the whole taliban has to wait the timer to terror again. (Terrors are SINGLE PERSON EVENTS) 15 Minutes between each spy attack. If a spy calls an attack others must wait the timer before they can as well. Spy attacks can be done by a group of 2-3 people. The secondary and third spys must advert assist when doing so. Capturing: The objective is to take comms and gas station. Once that is done focus on raping the enemy and forcing them to surrender. FORCE SURRENDERING: You have to be spawn camping them real hardcore (Failing to be able to leave base for more than five minutes. If there is only 1 person left in that faction and they are AFK If you fail to get to gas station or comms for a long time Rules Of Engagement Do not fire unless fired upon Civilians with WEAPONS out are considered Taliban and are KOS Civilians without WEAPONS out are not Taliban and are not KOS You must warn aircraft to leave your airspace unless in war against that faction unless Airspace is declared KOS before. Miscellaneous Items Civilians or other factions outside of their base during war should not be shot but if they get caught in the crossfire that is their fault. Any officer may call a DB even if they are not the highest rank online. If they are not in your faction don't false it. That goes to the higher ranked officers of that faction. PTE's must have an advert for acceptance or else it is not RDM if they are killed. If someone kills your Commanding Officer or faction member it is not your job to go and kill them as revenge or it will be counted as RDM. RFK is not valid anymore it's either it's RDM or it's not. Assassinations are NOT allowed Silent Raids (SRaids) Are not allowed. Raids are attacks of another factions base, they are not to be used to just randomly kill people that are near your base. You are not allowed to raid during another factions debriefing. Rules On Sims Sims can only be ran by officers+ Sims starts and ends must be adverted Sims also must have the factions participating included in start advert Sims can only include 12 or less current participants Sims can not include helicopters Sims can only be held in claimed areas or secluded parts of sim HOLDERS base RPG’s may be allowed in if sim Holder wants, but server rules still apply (Close Range) Use common sense while running and participating in sims These rules are subject to change at any point in time.
  18. Fissetty

    Johnson's Head Mod Application

    Denied Apply for moderator first! No skipping ranks :)
  19. Fissetty

    Ban Request Format

    Visual Proof?: Game-mode: Your Steam Username: Violator's Steam ID: Violated Rule(s): Time of Violation (approx.): Any further thoughts:
  20. Fissetty

    Ban Appeal Format

    Server: (Gamemode) Ingame Name: SteamID: (Click here to find your steamid or convert it) Date you were banned: Who banned you: Ban Length: Reason why you should be Unbanned:
  21. Fissetty

    Change Log 0.1

    Server Changes New New F4 menu Updated New addons added Updated Some more props have been added to the blacklist Fixed Textscreens not working Fixed PD player models have now been fixed Map Changes New Spawn Area New New Escape Method Outside of jail New Camera Room inside the PD
  22. Fissetty

    Forum Rules

    All posts on this forum must be in English (other languages can be used in private messages). Be polite and mannered. Do not intentionally be insulting or disruptive and do not start flame wars. Do not double post (exception: if your last post is at least a week old or both posts in question are relatively long); instead, use the edit feature. Do not spam on the forum or you will receive a warning and/or ban. Do not post replies to old threads (necroing); instead, post a new thread with a link to the old on Bumping threads with a post that does not contribute anything is not allowed. You can use the private messaging system to notify moderators of important dead topics. Do not threat or mock community members and do not ddos or dox them. Do not post images or links to sites or images containing pornography, excessive violence, or otherwise offensive, vulgar, questionable or unethical content . Do not make posts encouraging any illegal actions. Any actions intended to deteriorate our servers are prohibited and will result in legal action, including exploiting or attempting to exploit security holes in the servers or the website, taking up network resources in an un-permitted and excessive way, and conducting any kind of denial of service attack. Any post being obnoxious to other staff and users for example mocking a staff for being demoted or other reasons is not permitted. This could lead to a warningand/or ban.