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We have switched hosts!

DarkRP IP192.223.31.180:27016

MilitaryRP IP192.223.31.180:27015


Yes we know it looks the same but the port is different!

Any comments and questions post in the discussion section!


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    STEAM Name: Super Mario STEAMID: STEAM_1:1:43116261 Rank: User Time zone: Central Time Zone Age (MUST BE 14 AND UP): 15 In-game name: Super Mario Time on the server (1-day requirement): Idk Do you have any warns? (How many): No Do you have any bans? (How many): No Do you have any previous staff experience?: No Do you have a clear, working microphone?: No Why do you want to be staff on Octane Servers?: I Really Love This Server And I Feel if i become staff i could REALLY Help alot and ive never been staff so someone may have to teatch me boing staff ive been playing Darkrp Around for 4 Years And Ive Never Gotten Banned And i Expect Not To On this server 😄 How are you better than other applicants?: Idk Who is the owner of Octane Servers?:Water Is Wet What is the best money making method on the server?: Donations What is NLR, RDA, RDM, LTAP, and a minge?: NLR is when you go back to a place where you die and you have to wait , rda is arresting someone for no res , rdm im killing someone for no res , LTAP is leabing sit How often can you be on a day?: 5-7 Hours a day 6 Hours on monday and wensday Name 5 ULX commands from chat and console, do it like the example; EX: (!freeze [name] / ulx freeze [name]): !freeze @ !jail @ !jailtp Super Mario !kick Mario ! If there was no one on the server, would you stay to help populate it, or would you leave?: I Would help populate Do you agree to not abuse your power in any way?: Yes Do you agree to not use your powers off duty?: Yes Anything else you would like to add?: No